Lily Ann´s Love You”!



Beyonde Production


Go Country 105


SGV Tribune

Pasadena Weekly

Free Press Release – `Are you funking with me´

Free Press Release – At the World Famous ICE HOUSE

Official Facebook

All the information about the show, company, production are on:

Official Website

Tickets online:

Feel free to ask any further questions, and hope see you there, and love it!

“The reason Theatre is of such vital importance is that it is a living, breathing moment people experience that will live inside of them forever. Theatre takes all the different modalities – visual, auditory, kinesthetic, musical, artistic, the conscious and unconscious dimensions of the human condition – and combines them into an “experience”, a happening… A moment of Time performed by actors and captured by an audience, a moment that will live-on forever in their hearts, minds & souls: That´s why there are so few playwrights – How many writers can write with all house elements in-mind?”

CR Laine Harrison



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