Radio Interview all over Spain with NEIL HALEY and GO Spain

May 6th / 2014
Radio Interview with
Neil Haley
Spanish broadcast team live. Live in all over Spain and syndicated on many other stations.
The Total Radio Network is heard in over 180 countries and has over 2 million listeners a week.
Syndicated on 100 plus stations.
Some of the stations and markets the show is being played on: 1080 WWNL Pittsburgh, 1560 KLNG Omaha, 102.1 FM Tampa, 1630 AM Tampa, 107.1 Las Vegas, 1520 AM Las Vegas, 98.3 FM Macon, GA, 810 AM Macon, GA, 102.1 Lancaster PA, 1640 AM Lancaster PA, 100.7 FM Boulder, CO, 88.3 FM Pittsburgh, 107.5 FM Whaley UK, London, UK, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Montreal, Canada, Detroit, St. Pete, Mississippi, Oregon, Baltimore, Orlando, Kingston, Jamaica, and Lincoln, Nebraska.
Some of the shows notable guests include: Jackie Martling, Xzibit , Liza Gibbons, Dave Cowens, Kurt Warner, Noelle Pikus Pace, Randall Cunningham, John Rich, Steven Jackson, Ryan Clark, and James Worthy, Alan Page, Art Rooney II, Kerry Walsh Jennings, Bethany Hamilton, Bill Ayers and Sharna Burgess, New York Times Best Selling Authors, and award winning authors.Promotion of events like: West Hollywood Book Fair, Miami Book Fair, Children’s Non Fiction Conference, Andy Russell Golf Tournament, World Radio Challenge, and Literary Orange.
Featured stations links to listen to the show:
Total Education Network airs shows 7 days a week on Blogtalkradio
Cyberstation USA 5 days a week
VIP Internet Radio Montreal, Canada
UK Health Radio 6 days a week
True Talk Radio Montreal,Canada



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