AUGUST, 2017


Supporting AUGUST, 2017 an incredible project for GENDER EQUALITY with Jodi Moore and Mike Bash!




August is a short film that is about accepting yourself.  In a society where women are still expected to play a certain role or to act a certain way – it is easy to compare yourself to others. With all the social media we have now, everyone’s lives are thrown in your face, & you can’t help but think – how can I be more like that?! That’s how the story came about. The comparison, or the thinking of, where you are supposed to be at this moment in your life. But a therapy writing session turned into something with a larger meaning, about courage, bravery & most importantly, women’s rights.

We all want different things, we all have experienced different things, & this film surrounds a woman who decided to go against the social norms. Kara leaves her small hometown after high school to move to New York City & create a new life for herself. Not necessarily running away from the problems that arise before she leaves, but knowing fully that the life she was leading was not true to her. She comes back 10 years later for a wedding, where she runs into her ex whom symbolizes all she left behind & the difficult decision they had to make. We see parallels of a life that could have been verses where she is actually at, but all in all, she betted on herself & followed her heart. In the end she knows she is exactly where she is supposed to be. They both are.


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